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Question:  What are RTA Cabinets?

Answer: RTA cabinets (ready to assembly) such as ikea or some different brand in the market
are new cabinets, packaged individually, ready for assembly on site. 
Each cabinet door is pre installed to the face frame.
Assembly times vary depending on the type and size of the individual cabinet. 
We are strongly recommended to do not try to do it yourself some cabinet assembly works can be very delicate
and required an experience kitchen installer work. All our assembly work are under insured and under warranty 
so to avoid a costly mistakes let a professional kitchen cabinet installer to handle it.

Question: Do I need professional measurements and design before I get started?

Answer:  We are strongly advised to have a professional measurement and 3D design in the same time to prevent a costly mistake
with our professional measurement and 3D design software we can see ahed all the ins and out of the kitchen  
and plane it in the best way before we order the kitchen and start to working on it.

Question: Will a cabinets modification/custom effects my warranty?

Answer: Unfortunately any modification/custom or alterations to the cabinets will void the retailers warranty.
but we are offer our warranty plane for ANY modification,custom work or a cabinet upgrade was made by us.
In general the RTA and Ikea kitchen cabinet are not meant to be customized and only a very talented and highly experienced 
kitchen installer can do those changes and give his warranty on it.

Question: What is a good distance between kitchen cabinets and the kitchen island?

Answer: 36' inches wide should be the minimum distance between the base cabinet to the kitchen island but in must cases
it is 48' inches wide because of the distance needed from the oven

Question: Is Hiring us will void or effect my manufacture warranty?

Answer: Absolutely no! IKEA and other brand of RTA kitchen are built for to do it yourself and still covered 
under manufacture warranty and on top of it we give our warranty about all our work that cover almost everything 
in the kitchen that assembled / installed by us.

Question: Are RTA cabinets poor quality?

Answer: It is very depend on the material and the plan for each individual cabinet
of course like everything there is a different in the level of quality between the different brands and manufactured
but in general there are in the market some RTA kitchen brand that are much better quality then a custom kitchen that
made by a carpenter.

Question: What are the advantage of plastic lags ?

Answer: Plastic legs can hold up to 275 pounds each. That means on a cabinet with 4 legs, they can be perfectly leveled on any floor without shims and will keep the cabinets up to 4" above water in case of a flood.
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