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Certified Licensed & Insured Finish Carpentry Contractor.
We know Ikea® better than Ikea®!
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"I really liked their personal service. They really treat their customers well."

-David Beneton-Coral Gables

Miami Kitchen Installers is a local finish carpentry contractor licensed and insured LLC company specializes in assembly and installation of Ikea kitchen cabinets in Miami Florida and surroundings areas.
We have been installing kitchens since 2006 for many of the South East Florida residents and builders . We are professional ikea kitchen cabinets installers with many years of experience of all stages of kitchen remodeling .
From A to Z we measure and plan your kitchen and always have bright ideas to overcome any obstacles, we will walk you through the process of ordering  at the ikea store or we can just place the order for you,  We make arrangements for door to door delivery.
we will provide detailed estimate for all fases of your kitchen remodeling, from demo and dumping your old kitchen cabinets 
To assembly and installation of your ikea kitchen, appliances installation, wood countertops, LED under cabinet lights and much more....

We will also help you save money on your kitchen remodeling by designing your new Ikea kitchen around you existing plumbing and electrical or as an alternative give you the best advise for relocating appliances location and give your kitchen a new fresh open look . Our philosophy is plan, plan, plan and then plan some more… , if you are already going into the kitchen remodeling “adventure” and investing your hard earned money,  it should come out  flawless! 

#1 IKEA Kitchen Installers In Florida, We Know IKEA Better Then IKEA!
Get FREE Online Estimate RIGHT NOW By 
 UPLOADING your kitchen PDF plan and get your Ikea kitchen installed by the #1 Ikea kitchen installers in Florida 
or by e-mail at: help@miamikitcheninstallers.com or call us at (305) 582-5511 
  • Store Pickup Ordering
  • Planning / Measurement And Design
  • Demolishing & Dumping Old Kitchen 
  • Kitchen Assembly & Installation
  • Wood Countertop Installation
  • Appliance Installation
Have peace of mind knowing that you will have a trusted and highly qualified  licensed & insured & Certified Independent Ikea Kitchen Contractor to complete your Ikea kitchen installation.

Our warranty is for the installation only and does not cover the actual cabinets or accessories which will have a separate manufacturer’s warranty. 
Our Goal is to get customers in our business over and over again and build a base of repeat customers to our business. We believe that the key to growing a healthy business is to have a base of repeat customers providing a steady stream of revenues.
We keep working everyday making sure our kitchen & furniture installation services meet or exceed our customer’s expectation, we know that a base of repeat customers is based on creating a relationship with customers by providing personal attention, availability, fast response, deal with complaints, being helpful even if there is no immediate profit in it and make an extra effort to provide you with the best solutions or suggestions for any kitchen and furniture installation issues, provide you with a high quality kitchen assembly and installation services in FL.

Our Team will provide you with superior service, competitive pricing and the professionalism you deserve with any professional kitchen contractor installation service you require, whether a simple IKEA kitchen or a custom kitchen project.
Our team consists of the most professional workers who will show the most respect for your time and your properties. 
We have many years of combined automotive locksmith experience, we are specially trained our employees to provide the highest quality locksmith services at the best value possible with a professional and friendly attitude each and every time.

Planing your kitchen is the most important part of your kitchen remodeling, we are the one stop place for Ikea kitchen installation and we have all the answers and services you'll need to get your dream kitchen come true with zero stress by a licensed and insured contractor!
Why Hire Us?
IKEA kitchens are designed around the "frameless" concept that is the industry standard for Europe. Many local installers are not familiar with this type of cabinetry and approach the installation process with a "how hard can it be" attitude. American cabinets are preassembled "face-frame" cabinets and most installers only have experience with this type of installation. Our company is specilized in assembly and installation of Ikea kitchen cabinets since 2006 ...
We know Ikea better then Ikea!
Always hire a profetional, Don't let anyone with a "How hard can it be" Atitude install your Ikea Kitchen
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Miami Kitchen Installers is the # 1 ikea Kitchen Cabinets assembly and installation in the state of Florida, we are licensed & insured finish carpentry contractors specilizing exclusively with ikea kitchen cabinets since 2006. 
We know ikea better then ikea!
Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to make all of our customers happy. Call for any question you might have about your kitchen cabinets installation project at: (305) 582-5511
Miami kitchen installers ® 
Email: info@miamikitcheninstallers.com
Disclaimer: We are NOT an affiliate or related, Approved by, Licensed by, Auzurized by, Associated with or in some way indorsed by "Inter-IKEA Systems B.V" all brands displayed on this website is a reffrence to our services.
“Miami Furniture's Assembly absolutely nailed it! I told them what I wanted, told them how much I had to spend and they came back with a stunning proposal. I won’t go anywhere else"

​Jose Garcia
Hialeah FL
Professionalism and Commitment

We wanted to let you know that we offer the best kitchen installation services and we cost less then the other guys, with us you get one on one attention, you are, as our customer really important to us because we couldn't be in business without you. 
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our first prioritie.

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